1.What data does joymobile process?
joymobile will collect and process master data and location data as stated in section 92 (3) zz (2a), (2b), (3), (4), (6), (6a) and (6b) TKG (see section 2) and other personal data provided by the customer as part of the contractual relationship and data from third parties regarding verification of identity, legal capacity, and the creditworthiness of the customer. Any cancellation rights in accordance with section 96 (3) TKG shall remain unaffected by the foregoing.

2. What master and location data is collected by joymobile? What is this data used for?
Master data: first and surname, residential address, level of education, subscriber number and other contact information for notifications, information regarding the type and content of the contractual relationship and creditworthiness. Location data: information which is used for the purposes of forwarding messages to a communication network or processed for the purposes of invoicing this process, in particular caller and called party numbers, subscriber addresses, type of devices used, fee codes, total number of units to be charged during a billing period, type, date, time and duration of connection or other use, quantity of data transferred, routes, the protocol used, the network from which the message originates or terminates, the format of notifications and other payment information such as advance payments, payment by instalments, blocks of the number or dunning letters

3. Under what circumstances is my location data disclosed to third parties?
Location data is data indicating the geographical location of the customer’s device. joymobile processes location data in connection with location-based services and on request from the emergency services (section 30) to the extent this is necessary for the provision of the service in question.

4. May joymobile disclose my data to third parties?
joymobile is permitted to save, process and disclose personal data to third parties (vicarious agents and sub-contractors), in compliance with the relevant data protection law(s), in its performance of the contract and for the purposes stated in the customer contract. The customer may not derive any legal consequences from any disclosure of data as a result of a statutory obligation.

joymobile is permitted to disclose the customer’s data, such as name (including previous names), date of birth, gender, address, profession, information regarding payment defaults and outstanding balances, to creditor protection associations, lawyers and collection agencies for collection purposes.

Provided the customer wishes to be included in the electronic version of the telephone directory the customer hereby takes note that these generally permit searches of information to be carried out other than by name.

5. When will joymobile use my data for marketing and advertising purposes?
with the express consent of the customer within the meaning of 96 (2) and 99 (4) et seq TKG, joymobile may use this data for marketing and advertising purposes for services of joymobile in accordance with section 2 to section 4 of these GTC. The customer may revoke this consent at any time.

6. What time limits apply to saving and storing my data?
joymobile shall delete all customer-related master data seven years at the latest after settlement of all claims arising from the contractual relationship.

joymobile shall save the traffic data up until the expiry of each period during which the invoice can be legally challenged or a claim for payment can be asserted, provided this is required for billing purposes. In the event of a legal dispute traffic data shall be saved until a final decision is rendered. In all other cases joymobile shall delete the traffic data after the expiry of the three-month period for objections (section 24).

joymobile shall process traffic data only to the extent this is absolutely necessary for operational purposes. This shall include, inter alia, requirement analyses, performance analyses, continued development and planning of the network expansion, optimising our services and preventing fraudulent activities to the detriment of joymobile. For such purposes saved traffic data shall be deleted or anonymised after six months at the latest.

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